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Thomas W. Mansfield

Thomas W. MansfieldTom Mansfield was born in Springfield and raised in Peoria, where he attended Peoria Manual High School. After serving in the U.S. Army in both Germany and Vietnam, he attended Southern Illinois University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in English in 1975 and his law degree in 1978.

Then worked in the Jackson County State’s Attorney’s office, then served as an assistant state appellate defender in Mt. Vernon. He began private practice in late 1980 and in March of the following year, joined Ed Heller and Gerry Reed to form Reed, Heller and Mansfield.

Tom’s wife Jane, works as his legal assistant. Together, they have three children. His hobbies including golf, physical fitness activities and he enjoys horse racing.

He exclusively practices criminal defense law and has won jury trials in 12 southern Illinois counties. Tom has successfully defended a number of high-profile area cases over the years, as indicated by the following headlines:

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“Jury Clears Davis of Sex Assault Charge” –Southern Illinoisan, Aug. 13, 2009
Tom successfully defended an area substitute teacher charged with sexual assault in a jury trial.

“DUI, pot charges against council member dismissed” -Southern Illinoisan, Jan. 23, 2009 
Mansfield worked to convince the court that there was insufficient probable cause to arrest a local city council member.

“Judge warns A-J students against further trespassing” –Southern Illinoisan, August 21, 2005
Tom successfully defended high school students accused of trespassing on private property near the school.

“Judge makes unique ruling in reckless homicide case” –Southern Illinoisan, July 27, 2005

Brother not guilty of murder” –Southern Illinoisan, Jan. 23, 1993
In what was called a ‘rare’ verdict, a 66 year-old man accused of murder found to be not guilty by reason of insanity.

“Area man acquitted in dog killing trial” –Southern Illinoisan, August 6, 1988
Tom was successful in Mike Bost against charges of killing a dog that mauled the accused’s daughter. Had he not been acquitted, Bost could not have pursued a political career. He has served in the Illinois General Assembly as a state representative since 1995.

“Louveau Found Not Guilty” –The County Journal, May 15, 1986
Mansfield successfully defended a man falsely accused of armed robbery.

“Hanson Conviction Overturned” The County Journal, Nov. 7, 1985
The conviction of an area man on shooting charges was overturned by the appellate court based upon arguments by Tom.

“Man found innocent in child beating case” –Southern Illinoisan, Feb. 26, 1982
Mansfield successfully defended a Murphysboro man accused of beating his then-girlfriend’s 17-month-old daughter. The woman was convicted of similar charges.